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July 9, 2020 from one of my Senior clients

Thanks, Anne Marie for your massages. Aches and pains have lessened. I feel more alive!

October 29, 2019

Having suffered for more than 20 years with lower back pain and sciatica, which eventuated in having micro-discectomy surgery, I was challenged daily by muscle cramping, fatigue and soreness. I had nerve damage caused from my lower back injury which resulted in numbness and lack of strength in my leg. To date I have had 3 Bowen/Emmett treatments and one scar tissue treatment with Anne Marie and the results have been fantastic.

The muscle cramping stopped after the first 2 Bowen/Emmett treatments, I have increased comfort and sensation in the numb areas of my foot and my lower back is moving more freely and comfortably after just one scar tissue treatment. I am no longer in pain and am happily exercising and enjoying increased energy levels, because I am no longer compensating for exhaustive pain and discomfort.

If you are experiencing pain in your body and you no longer want to live with it, I wholeheartedly recommend calling Anne Marie to make an appointment. Not only is she a highly qualified and experienced therapist, she is entirely motivated by achieving the best results and healing for her clients.”

- M. Last, Melbourne, Australia

Nancy from Michigan

I have struggled for years with migraines. At first they were infrequent, just two or three a year. In 2014 they began to hit more often. I tried everything... migraine medicine, ibuprofen, acetominiphen, naproxen, magnesium, benadryl, a few prescription drugs as well as essential oils and home remedies. Nothing worked. By 2016 I was getting migraines every three weeks and they lasted 2-5 days. I was able to recognize some foods as migraine triggers (gluten, MSG, high fructose corn syrup) but even eliminating those from my diet I was still suffering from frequent migraines. I crossed paths with Anne Marie in December of last year. Because my husband had been struggling with his health she offered to do Bowen Therapy with him. I was thinking that Bowen Therapy was more for back pain and such and it didn't cross my mind that it would help with my migraines. I requested to do it too because it sounded relaxing, and "Why not?" It was the week before Christmas and my "regularly scheduled" migraine was set to hit around Christmas. It never came! I waited days, then weeks, then MONTHS! It's been almost a year now and I have only had two migraines. One was caused by MSG that was in something I had eaten, the other I never figured out. BUT it is so incredible to live without migraines! Everything in my life is the same... daily routine and stresses, diet, exercise. The Bowen Therapy is the only thing I can attribute to being migraine free. Thanks, Anne Marie! You have changed my life!

Stephanie from Montreal


In one short session, Anne-Marie was able to help my body have a regular period which had been  completely absent for over 2 years. She told me something should happen within the next few days, and surely enough 3 days later, I got a regular menstruation. I was amazed and so grateful. I also have neck, back and hip pain so I went for a 2nd session and I feel a lot less tense in my neck and upper back even though I am working physically. The techniques are truly non-invasive but sometimes you feel heat or energy in your muscles as they work which is very interesting.

Jaime from Durango, Mexico

I struggled with sciatic pain and my doctor told me I would probably need surgery.  I thought I'd try Bowen Therapy as I read it could help with my sciatica pain.  I walked in using a cane for support but after 2 sessions, not only do I no longer use my cane, but the pain has not returned ever since.



"I feel good, everything loosened up and I feel like my back muscles are more aligned. I will definitely be coming back"          -young man with mild scoliosis from Abbotsford, B.C.



"I have more mobility, less pain, improved sleep" - client from Aldergrove, B.C."


"After 20 years of migraines, I am pain free and no longer take any medication after only 2 sessions,  thanks to you"       - client from Abbotsford, B.C.



Back & Neck Pain Relief               Knee & Shoulder Pain Relief            Ease of Migraines & Headaches

More energy      Better Sleep        Reduces inflammation & stress      Improves Alignment 

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