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Pain  Relief Using Bowen Therapy, Scar Release, Remedial Massage & The Emmett Technique 

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My name is Anne Marie. I have had the privilege of helping many people using both Bowen Therapy and the Emmett Technique. Pain sustained as a result of a fall, a car accident, poor posture, a concussion, or a sports injury has been helped through both of these therapies even from old injuries. Please do not hesitate to call me and receive a free consultation. Hours are flexible and by appointment only.



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Bowen Therapy 

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Remedial Massage and Pregnancy Massage

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The Emmett Technique

Your well-being is my ultimate concern. Since 2014 I have provided Bowen Therapy, having completed the Diploma with the Bowtech organization. I have since then attended many advanced courses along with the Emmett Technique. I use several assessment methods to determine which procedures are applied. A complete postural assessment is made in the first session. 


How is the session performed? 

First of all, the session is done preferably, with the client in loose clothing; jeans are not recommended. The therapist will ask questions relating to the clients' health and medical history. The first session is usually an hour.  The following sessions can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes depending on the procedures applied.  Often the pain is resolved within  2-3 sessions. Everybody is unique and reacts differently depending on the nature of the issue.

Who should consider these therapies?

  •  A pain or a condition that has not resolved with other therapies 

  • Someone who wants to try a therapy that is very gentle without manipulations

  • Someone that would like to receive a therapy that causes deep relaxation

  • Any baby with colic                            

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Anne Marie Ferguson

Certified Bowen Therapist, Emmett Practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist & Practtioner of the McCloughlin Scar Tissue Release(MSTR) technique

Certified Remedial Massage Therapist

Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia  (AAMT)

ABN: 36 214 678 838



Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico

614 554 6850

Disclaimer: Bowen Therapy and the Emmett Technique are complementary therapies; not a substitute for professional medical care. If you have a history of or are currently experiencing a medical condition, please consult your physician first to discuss the treatment options available to you.  The information on this website is for general reference and educational purposes only. It does not make any medical claims nor seek to replace conventional medical exams or treatments.

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